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About me

Sipping a cuppa with my family on a cold wintery Melbourne morning, after helping some folks during my leisure time with a website redesign, an idea popped!

There are so many small businesses and organisations who need help with re-designing their website or have never had a digital presence, why not give them the help and undivided attention they need?

Wham BAM, WalkonWater Creations was concieved!

An Aussie creation at it's finest.

So, what is WalkonWater Creations?

'Walk on Water' as the saying goes is an impossibility but can be done with little faith and time. With this venture, my aim is to assist small businesses and organisations level the playing field in the digital world. It is about helping you achieve what was once impossible.

If you find the digital world difficult to navigate, been scarred with ginormous quotes in the past or just afraid to take the leap of digital faith, you've landed at the right place.

Drop me a line, I'd love to have a conversation about how WalkonWater Creations can help you!

                                                                           - Rosh