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Website Designs From $350

Optional seo, socials   & email setup
from $150



What other costs are involved in running a website?

Responsive Website
Secure website

Expect $15 to $25 per month to host your website from providers like Wix, Squarespace or Shopify. This may vary on your site functionality e.g. standard vs e-commerce needs.

Responsive Website

Expect $25-$35 per year (not month) depending on your site name, example /  etc. from domain providers like crazydomains or godaddy.

Pink Envelopes

Expect $2-$8 per month for each mailbox for your site, example These are provided by the likes of  Google, Microsoft or Zoho business mail services.

At WalkonWater, we understand that operational costs for many small businesses and organisations are a significant factor. Therefore, the above details have been shared to avoid any surprises.

These costs are only indicative and can be Googled by yourself.

And yes, sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming to understand the technical jargon, so contact us for an obligation-free conversation to talk through your options and what each means!

* SEO - Search Engine Optimisation i.e. configuration of Google search results so your organisation or business appears as it should.

** Socials - These include a Facebook page, an Instagram page and a Google Business page.